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When the going gets tough...

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Wednesday, June 14th, 2006
11:21 pm
Don't you love it when you wait for some moment and when it finally happens, it's just as awesome as you thought it would be?

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Tuesday, June 13th, 2006
1:02 am
Don't you love it when you've waited for some moment for such a long time, but when it finally happens, it's so far from what you thought it would be?

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Thursday, May 25th, 2006
5:31 pm - '06
So I don't think I've updated my LJ for quite some time now...

So today was the last day of school. I thought I would feel something, but I don't. I thought I would be happy, sad, relieved, or something. I just feel like it's my time to go and that's about it. I mean, I'm going to miss all my friends, not that I don't plan on keeping in touch with all of them, but I don't think I'll start to worry about it until I have to leave for college.

Graduation is tomorrow. I wonder what that's going to be like.

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Tuesday, April 25th, 2006
4:53 pm - A Wendy Hu inspired post
Since Wendy nailed how I'm feeling right now, I thought I'd add a little.

I miss trusting people
I miss when "I promise" was good enough
I miss caring about life
I miss late nights
I miss when a promise meant something
I miss sleep
I miss actually having to try
I miss having aspirations
I miss normal weekends
I miss solid relationships

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Monday, April 10th, 2006
4:40 pm
Go to Wikipedia. In the Search box, type your birth month and day (but not year). List three events that happened on your birthday. List two important birthdays and one interesting death. Post this in your journal.

Three events:
1872 - Women's suffrage: In defiance of the law, suffragist Susan B. Anthony votes for the first time, and is later fined $100.
1912 - U.S. presidential election, 1912: Democratic challenger Woodrow Wilson wins a victory over the Progressive former President Theodore Roosevelt and Republican incumbent William Howard Taft.
1935 - Parker Brothers releases the board game Monopoly.

Two births:
1857 - Ida Tarbell, American journalist
1913 - Vivien Leigh, English actress

One death:
2005 - Link Wray, American musician

There were a lot of other interesting events on my birthday, but you can't fit everything!

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Monday, March 20th, 2006
5:49 pm - So what have I been up to?
Since my last entry I have:
Been to The Strokes concert (amazing)
Passed out at The Strokes concert when a crowd surfer fell on my head (not so amazing)
Been to Galveston (fun)
Bought lots of earings (I love earings!)
Been a fight with some friends (sucked)
Worked everything out with all of my friends (relief)
Seen two awful movies (Failure to Launch and The Libertine)
Watched Crash (you must watch it!)
Realised that we only have like 2 more months of school (then I'm out of here, bitches!)

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Sunday, February 12th, 2006
1:55 pm - Bal Masque
It was the best Bal Masque ever! I am so proud of Wendy! Everything about it was awesome. If only Cody had one the dancing contest...

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Monday, February 6th, 2006
6:00 pm - An interesting day
Things I did today:
1. Went to school
2. Did nothing in school
3. Registered to vote
4. Got hit on by an 8 year old
5. Had to talk to Kim for a good 40 minuets.

Not a good day.

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Sunday, February 5th, 2006
6:46 pm
I just saw Capote. I'm pretty sure that may be the best movie I have ever seen.

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Wednesday, February 1st, 2006
3:27 pm - Long time no update
Okay since I have last posted, I have:

1. Applied to college
2. Finished the newspaper
3. Become awful at economics (I was never good in the first place, I was okay, but now I just suck)
4. Realized that I only need 2 of my classes to graduate and my class rank/GPA no longer matter, so I don't have to do crap
4. Started a bit of anarchy in my physics class when I announced #3, everybody turned in their tests without finishing as soon as I said it
5. Decided I watch too much TV
6. Made living with my parents awkward
7. Become the proud owner of the coolest mix tape ever

current mood: apathetic

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Saturday, January 21st, 2006
1:16 pm - Canadian Bacon
Being sick sucks. Moore told me I sounded like Canadian bacon. What the hell?

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Tuesday, January 3rd, 2006
8:17 pm - 0 fucking 6
I have decided that I hate school. I hate my new schedule. Human geography is stupid.

My new English class is boring. My new pre-cal class is just awkward. The human geography teacher is annoying. Gah, I can't wait until my schedule gets put back to the way it was.

I am so sick and tired of hearing every Tom, Dick, and Harry shout "'06" Go fuck yourself. If you define yourself by your goddamn class, what are you going to do when we graduate?! Shut the hell up. Nobody cares. Go get a personality and then maybe we might want to pay attention to you, but until then I would like to learn in Economics. Would all of you please just shut the fuck up?!

By the way, if you haven't bought First Impressions of Earth by The Strokes, you need to. It will make you forget that the class of '06 exsists.

current mood: pissed off

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Saturday, December 31st, 2005
12:20 am - Surveys are really really stupid...
I confess that in 2005 I...

(x) stayed single
() got your first kiss
() kissed someone new
() made-out for the first time
() made out
() made-out in/on a car
() kissed in the snow
() kissed in the rain
() fell in love
(wow, I am sad now)

() had your heart broken
() broke someone else's heart
() had a stalker
() had a good relationship with someone
(x) someone questioned your sexual orientation
() gotten pregnant
() gotten someone else pregnant
() had an abortion
() gotten married
() had a divorce
() dated someone you'll never forget
(x) done something you've regretted
() lost your true love
() lost faith in love
() kissed under miseltoe


() I got straight A's
(x) met one teacher you really like
(x) met one teacher you really hated
(x) found the subject you love
()failed a class
(x) cut class
(x)skipped school
(x) got into a fight with a classmate
(x) did something you were proud of
() discovered a new talent
(x) gave the teachers a reason to teach (Moore said I did, but he says many things)
(x) proved yourself an idiot
(x) embarassed yourself in front of the class
() fell in love with a teacher
() got lead in the school play
() made a varsity team
(x) were involved in something you'll never forget


() painted a picture (drew or colored, yes)
() wrote a poem
(x) ran a mile
(x) listened to music you couldn't stand
() skinny-dipped
(x) went to a sleepover
() went to camp
() threw a surprise party
(x) laughed till you cried
(x) laughed till you peed in your pants
(x) flirted shamelessly
(x) visited a foreign country
(x) visted a foreign state
() cooked a disasterous meal (I am an awesome chef, thank you very much)
(x) lost something important to you
(x) got a gift you adore
(x) realized something new about yourself
() went on a diet (first year I haven't, first year I have succesfully lost weight)
() tried to gain weight
(x) dyed your hair (oh yeah)
(x) came close to losing your life (Damn that Trevor)
() someone close to you died
(x) went to a party
(x) drank alchohol
(x) drank alchohol underage
(x) did (a) drug(s)
(x) got drunk
() got arrested
(x) read a great book
(x) saw a great movie
() saw a movie so scary that it made you cry
(x) saw your favorite band/artist live (Kasabian, twice)
(x) saw someone famous in person
(x) did something you want to tell everyone
(x) Enjoyed this year overall

(I know this makes me sound like a badass or whatever, but we all know I'm not)

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Friday, December 30th, 2005
3:11 am - Surveys are so stupid...
2005 In The Beginning.

Where did you bring in the New Year? Evan's
Who were you with? Newspaper people, I guess
Did you kiss anyone at midnight? No
Did you make any resolutions? Wendy and I do every year
If so did you keep them? Never have, never will

2005 Your Nonexistant Love Life.

Single/Taken? Single
How many relationships did you have? 0
How many break ups? What do you think?

2005 Bitches And Bros.

Did you meet any new friends this year? Yeah, more than any other year I would have to say
Did any of your friendships end? Not really...
Did you get into any fights? Yeah, they were lame and stupid and I don't remember parts of them. I actually did punch somebody...
Did you make any new enemies? Not as far as I know
Did you resolve any fights? Of course I did
Who were your closest friends? Ya know

2005....The Holidays!

Did you have a Valentine? It may have been Elle, I don't remeber
the Easter bunny visit you? Heck yeah
Did watch fireworks on the 4th of July? No, I was at the goddamn Whataburger working
Did you dress up for Halloween? I put on a wig for like a minuet
What did you do for Thanksgiving? I went over to the Taylor's house and got drunk and watched That 7-'s Show
Did you make a list of gifts for the holidays? Nope
Did you receive what you wanted? I guess so, I didn't really want anything, but I liked what I got.

2005 Your BIRTHDAY!!!

How old did you turn? 17
What did you do for your birthday? Saw Jarhead. R-rated movies!
Did you have a party? noNot really
Did you get any presents? Yeah

2005......The Memories and Accomplishments!

Funniest Memory? When Trevor met Zahid. Classic.
Saddest Memory? That damn museum project in APUSH. 88 my ass. I'm not even one of those grades people
Best Accomplishment? 5 on the APUSH AP?
Favorite TV shows? Top Model, Project Runway, Arrested Development, The OC, Reunion
Favorite food? Oreos
Favorite stores? Good Will, Old Navy
Favorite restaurants? Thai Cottage, Italian Maid, Cheddars
Favorite piece of clothing? Black leggings

2005.....All about YOU....

Did you change at all this year? I'm pretty much a whole new person
Was 2005 a good year? It was the shittiest year of my life. Thinking about it just makes me want to break down and cry, but it was good for me. I think it was a defining year. Even though the general feeling I get out of it is shitty, I think I also had the most fun this year. I know it's weird, but how the hell else would you sum up 2005?
Did 2005 bring any new insights? A lot, I realized that people generally have an idea of who you are, but of course you aren't always going to fit into that. Just do what you want snd don't give a damn what people think. That includes the people you are closest too. I also realized that all the world's problems can be related back to selfishness and you could probably solve all your problems if you wanted to just by listening to other people.
Do you think 2006 will top 2005? It better.
Do you have any goals for 2006? Yeah, but they all sound stupid, so I'm not putting them on here
Do you wish 2005 wouldn't end? I started counting down the minuets a month ago. This year better end now.
Do you plan to do anything special for NYE 2006? I'm going to a party
Who will you be kissing at Midnight? TBA

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Sunday, December 18th, 2005
5:31 pm - The worst is over
Vacation in 02 days! Hardest exam is over and done with (got an A!). The paper is done, and isn't half bad! I can finally relax.

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Wednesday, December 14th, 2005
9:28 pm
Exams suck. Reviews suck. Government sucks. The paper sucks. I said it.

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Wednesday, December 7th, 2005
11:39 pm - Follow your bliss...
Project Runway is back! It was awesome. Daniel Franco is back, the weird thing is that I liked his design. This is the best TV show ever!

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Saturday, December 3rd, 2005
2:37 pm - The Final Countdown
It just hit me on Friday that I'm a senior. I'm going to graduate in May. I'm going to go to college. I'm going to have to leave my home and all my friends and go to some city and live with a stranger and take care of myself! I know it will just be weird when I come home. Everyone will change, everything will change. I'm not ready to grow up. I'm not ready to leave. It just hit me that our days are numbered.

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Wednesday, November 30th, 2005
5:49 pm
Do you ever notice how it always ends up that you have a bunch of homework in all your classes at the same time? I did no homework on Monday, I did none of Tuesday. Today I can hardly think because I have so much!

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Thursday, November 17th, 2005
12:59 am
I finally understand why people think that journalist are evil. After learning that one of our school buses crashed into a truck and killed the driver, I became excited because that's going to be a kick-ass front page story!!! Seriously, it's going to be the best one yet.

Yeah, I know I'm going to hell or whatever, but I'm atheist, so you can just shut up.

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